Dr Jessica J. Vitkovic (UniMelb)

Dr. Jessica J. Vitkovic

Dr. Jessica J. Vitkovic

Dr Jessica J. Vitkovic, PhD.


Jessica completed her master’s degree (2001) and PhD (2011) at the University of Melbourne. She started her audiology career as a full time vestibular audiologist/clinical tutor at the University of Melbourne. Over the course of 11 years her responsibilities within the Department changed significantly and now encompass research, teaching and co-ordination roles within the context of the Master of Clinical Audiology course. She is a founding member of the Australian and New Zealand Audiology Programs group and received an outstanding service to the profession award by the Audiological Society of Australia (ASA) for her role in initiating and developing Australia’s first audiology course accreditation procedures.

Jessica still holds a significant clinical role in vestibular audiology, currently coordinating the Vestibular Investigation Unit, one of Australia’s busiest clinics of its kind. She continues to remain at the forefront of vestibular audiology practice, having helped set-up one of Melbourne’s first public vestibular physiotherapy services and more recently, a vestibular counselling service. This is underpinned by an accomplished research background with strong clinical applications. Her current research focus is on vestibular migraine and vestibular physiotherapy outcomes. Jessica is also the current president of the Victorian branch of the ASA.


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